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Sad ! More sadness. However it is a great site and an interesting place where to gather information.

Posted by Lateefah from Australia on 2005-01-27

Israel controls access to Palestine and refuses to issue visas in advance of travel. This causes many visitors, Palestinians and others, to waste time and money traveling to Tel Aviv and being turned back. I was refused entry to Israel, requested a hearing, was held in 'detention' for three weeks, then denied entry by an Israeli judge based on 'secret evidence.' This from a country that I have been taxed all my working life to support! The US embassy/consulate was no help to me at all. Americans should insist that our State Dept. require that Israel issue travel visas in the US, and present valid reasons for refusing travel visas to visitors.
Posted by Bea from Maryland on 2004-12-21

For those ignorant Zionists who think they know everything, the following is from the official Bahai' Website: "The religious matrix of the Bahá'í Faith was Islam. Much as Christianity was born out of the messianic expectations of Judaism, the religion that was to become the Bahá'í Faith arose from eschatological tensions within Islam. In the same way, however, the Bahá'í Faith is entirely independent of its parent religion" As for the location in Haifa, the Bahai' website makes clear: "Before His passing [in 1892], Bahá'u'lláh indicated that the world headquarters for the Faith He had founded would be in the Haifa/Acre area in the north of what is now Israel. The region today is home to the spiritual and administrative heart of the Bahá'í Faith." Thus the Bahai' center was founded decades before the formation of Israel or even before the Zionist project, at a time when Palestine was an integral part of the entire Middle East.
Posted by A visitor from Washington, DC on 2004-09-10

It is informative and a good site for everyone to visit---be they Jewish, Arab, or any American, or other person.

Posted by Ann S. Masnik from College park, maryland on 2004-08-31

I was browsing this photo album and its narrative quite suspiciously, I have to say, something in the spirit of Ali from the US. The point where I really couldn't stand it was while reading the caption to the photos of the beautiful Bahaii temple in Haifa. To say that the Bahaii religion is a muslim sect is an insult that casts this while site in rediculous light. Certainly - another attempt to earn credit for something quite wrong (just like the general claim in the site). Just examine the violence, degradation, and human rights violations that the Baha'is have suffered in many Islamic countries, or that the doctrine of Mehdisim is contrary to the teachings of the Quran. In Israel teh Bahaiis found religous peace, and our Palestinian traveler makes every effort to take even that to his people's cerdit. What a joke.

Posted by A visitor from India on 2004-08-29

I am an American of Arab descent. I recently travelled to Israel where I was not allowed a moment's peace as I travelled without being constantly stopped, asked questions, separated from my luggage as they went through every single item of clothing and article in it. I was detained at the Egyptian border after visiting TABA for 2 hours and questioned over and over again. I was visited by the Israeli police in the middle of the night while sleeping in my hotel room in Tel Aviv for no reason. I never spoke a word of Arabic, English only. For anyone of Arab descent, Israel makes you feel like a dog and lets you know that you are not welcome. How the author of the previous post comes to the notion that an Arab can freely travel around Israel is beyond me. I couldn't even go to a public bathroom without being escorted by a woman attendant as she watched me urinate and then yelled at me in Hebrew to make sure I flushed the urinal. This was humiliation.

Posted by A visitor from U.S. on 2004-08-29

It is sad that so may Palestinians have a state of mind like that of the sick person who narrates the amazing photos of Israel documented in this site. It is so easy to claim that what OTHERS built and created is you own. This will NOT make it your, though. What IS impressive is that these travelers COULD travel free in Israel, speak Arabic, and roam freely both in Israel proper, and back and forth across the green line. Just imagine the fate a Jewish traveler trying to go, say, Syria, or even Ramalla, and speak Hebrew while taking photos. Just something to think about. Despite the sophistication, the approach taken by this site is just the same self destructive approach taken by Arafat in Ramalla. I don't know what it can yield. Peace it will NOT.

Posted by Ali from US on 2004-08-28

Thank you for your effort. I am pleased to find an excellent job in your website. Sometimes I wonder why do we go to Europe & USA to see things that do not compare to what we have in Palestine? Keep up the good work and never mind what people say otherwise. You have seen it yourselves, I have seen and will continue to see it myself. Allah ma'kom.

Posted by A visitor from World on 2004-08-26

I was in Palestine last week. Thank you for your refflections and for sharing them with us.
Posted by Ali from Brooklyn NY on 2004-08-25

Hello I read your story about your visit home at the EI web site. Thank you. Deeply moving , it is helplful to have first hand accounts. I worked in Bethlehem for five years and Palestine is in my heart and soul. I like you web site. Salaam Alekum
Posted by Kalestra from UK on 2004-08-09

I've read the segment you wrote that was posted on Electronic Intifada and was moved by your vocation and interpretation of the situation here. I myself am an Israeli jew who believes in pretty much all you've said in that article. Just wanted to say thanks for expressing very eloquently and precisely what I see around me every day.
Posted by RedRuin from Israel/Palestine on 2004-08-08

I enjoyed your site. My husband is a Palestinian. US citizen for thirty years though. I do intend to make the trip to Palestine one day. Thank you for the beautiful pictures.

Posted by Tina from Ohio, USA on 2004-07-31

your site was really lame. israel is a great place, your site is full of lies and i have seen it for myself several times. and for your information, tel aviv, jaffa, haifa and especially jersualem are all in ISRAEL, no matter what you write on this hate-filled anti-semitic web-site.
Posted by A visitor from on 2004-07-28

Hello, You would think I'm a Palestinian because of my tenth edition, but I'm not. I'm just a very for- tunate American because I have learned and published, four centuries worth of top secret American history. There's a demand for the congress in the first edition which, when implimented, will greatly help the Palestinian people, and all kinds of demands in the tenth edition which will help too. The first through eighth editions are accessible without using a password; the tenth needs the password "voting" without the quote signs to be accessed. Of all the universities I gave my work to in 2001, the only one which financially supported this life saving work was one on the West Bank. Read the history to see why it did. Peace, Arlene Johnson Publisher/Author
Posted by Arlene Johnson from Originaly Los Angeles, Now Stavanger, Norway on 2004-07-26

I was in Palestine with the ISM in 2002: Balata, Ramallah, Hebron. In 2003 I spent 18 days in Yanoun working with IWPS. You have a great site. http://www.yanoun
Posted by Louis Schmittroth from Canada on 2004-07-23

What is URL ? I read you with great interest, am helping translate the nearly finished English edition of "Palestine & Palestiniens" travel guide and historical reference (French) by the Alternative Tourism Group in Beit, Your website a great idea.

Posted by A visitor from Carol Scheller on 2004-07-23

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