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About Us

An Easter trip to Palestine in 2004 inspired this East Coast couple to launch a new website exploring travel and pilgrimage to this tortured land. Trip to Palestine records their own personal experiences in vivid detail, complimented by a novel photocumentary encompassing nearly a thousand photographs they shot on the trip.

This narrative photo and diary site illustrates daily life in Palestine in vivid detail, including such widely varied subjects as travel to and within Palestine, life under occupation, a tour of Holy places, glimpses of the Apartheid wall, as well as accounts of Tel Aviv and Haifa.

Shot with a 3.2 Megapixel digital camera, the photo gallery makes each photo available in 3 different sizes, and provides you with a wealth of photos for your free use.

Far from being a personal site, a contributors corner allows other travelers to Palestine to share their own experience by posting stories and photos. Soon to be added is a travel resource page listing all kinds of information a potential traveler will find useful, from organized church and activist tours to travel agents, hotels, and vital "now-how" information on getting around on the ground.

Technically, TriptoPalestine uses the most advanced web-based slideshow to date. Developed exclusively by and for the TriptoPalestine web development team, the slideshow boasts the following unique features:

1) First slideshow to allow seamless switching between portrait and landscape formatted photographs.

2) First of its kind to allow seamless integration of serial slideshow-style

3) It is one of the few slideshows that maximizes the value of modern digital photography, large computer screens, and broadband internet connections by providing the option of a full-screen high-resolution slideshow.

With this modest beginning, TriptoPalestine hopes to become your ultimate website for making your pilgrimage.

Every text presented on www.triptopalestine may be freely reproduced and shared, except for any publication in book, newspaper or review form, and except for any commercial use.

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